Carl A. Bogar, Jr.

A Century of Service

American Legion Post 21, downtown Kenosha, Wisconsin,  Circuit  1950’s One hundred years ago this November 11, will make the end of our first great global conflict.  The war to end all […]

Every Day is a Bonus

If you have seen an Honor Flight jacket from Wisconsin then you may have noticed on the back it says, “Every Day is a Bonus.” For Richard Dunn, every day […]

The Boots of the 54th

  To borrow from our 16th president, its been 7 score and 17 years since the confederate attack on Fort Sumter in South Carolina which began the war that would […]

Boots in the Park

  Shortly after September 11, the United States went to war; first in Afghanistan and then in Iraq. Within a year, boots began to be displayed in public parks with […]