Clubs and Activities

 Historic Military Impressions has several clubs and actives that are conducted at our store located at 6527 39th Ave. in Kenosha, WI

Military Historians of Kenosha

The Military Historians is a networking group for military history enthusiasts and collectors.  We meet on the third Thursday of each month starting at 6pm.  Each month there is a topic and members are invited to bring an item that meets the topic.  Members vote for the best item and the winner receives $20.00 and gets to select next month’s topic.  A quick hint, normally the best story wins.  This group is open to all and free to join.  Learn more and join on the Facebook group Military Historians of Kenosha.

Our next Meeting is August 16:  topic is:  Something Small that Makes a Big Impact

No. 10 Commando WWII Re-Enacting Group

No. 10 Commando was a unit of British Army that fought in World War II.  We re-enact the third troop of this unit which was composed of many Germans, Check and Austrians fighting to free Europe of NAZI control.

Historic Militray Impressions is always looking for people who love history and would like to re-enact World War Two history in the Midwest.  If you would like to know more please contact us.

Wargaming Saturday

Wargaming Saturday is a fun way to  teach kids about history while reenforcing math skills and logical thinking while playing a three demoniacal table top game.  The event is free and open to kids 8 years of age and older.  Pre registering is required to get the game set up.  Wargaming Saturday starts ate 10am and runs until 3pm.

Winter Classes

From October to April each year we offers classes of history topics on the second Monday of the month from 6PM to around 9PM.  The classes are hands on and allow the participance’s access to real artifact to learn from.  the classes are only $19.00 each.  Refreshments are provided.

2018-19 schedule:

  • October 8, 2018,   Evil People
  • November 12, 2018.  A Brief Military History of the United States
  • December 10, 2018.  US Army service rifles 1870 to 1992
  • January 14, 2019.  World War Two US individual combat equipment
  • February 11,2019.  Rifle Bayonets, 1870’s to 2000
  • March 11, 2019.  Women Spies
    •  Instructor: Shannon Ferguson-Munns
  • April 8, 2019.  Emergency Survival Readiness  
    • Instructor: Noah Gilbert

To find out more you can call us at (262) 654-5335 or