Traveling Museum Exhibits

Our Traveling Museum Exhibits are designed to be customizable for an indoor or outdoor exhibit to meet your community needs.  our large outdoor exhibits are housed in a US military GP Medium tent that is 17 feet by 33 feet, (30 feet by 45 feet of space is required for guide ropes.)   our indoors exhibit space is 16 feet by 30 feet.

Both exhibit options use the same ADA accessible floor plan shown below.

Historic Military Impressions can customize a exhibit to meet the space requirement to you need.  no need is to small and we have done small exhibits for school and cub souk packs.

Today our Traveling Vietnam Museum exhibit is our most requested exhibit and is designed to accompany a replica Vietnam memorial wall, our top four requested exhibits are:

  • The Viet Nam Experience, America’s First Ten Thousand Day War.
    • Traveling Vietnam Museum Exhibit.
  • The Greatest Generation. 
    • A World War Two Exhibit.
  • A Century of Service
    • Covers the Spanish-American War to Desert Storm.
  • Remembrance 
    • A Memorial Day & Veterans Day exhibit

Union grove Pillars2013 Pillars

The Traveling World War Two museum program can stand alone as an educational experience that can be hosted indoor or outdoor.  We can provide this program outdoors in our US GP medium tent that is 33 feet long by 14 feet wide.

Book1Our outdoor and indoor setup for our large exhibits follows our Traveling Vietnam Museum setup.

Remembrance exhibit at University of Wisconsin Parkside

The entrance to our indoor exhibit space

You have the ability to add display artifacts from the following countries:

 If you like to learn more about how we can help you add value to your pillar of honor experience we can be contacted by phone: 262-654-5335

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