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Historic Military Impressions is in the business of educating the public about the military past and how it has molded the world we live in today.  Our mission is to honor the past, by educating the future, by providing educational support services and military exhibits to museums, schools, businesses and government.

Our primary focus is to provide military exhibits that are military museum quality and educational programs that will add value to the community event or program.  Historic Military Impressions has provided museum quality programs with the traveling vietnam walls, the World War Two pillars of honor and many Memorial Day, Veterans Day and other like events.

There is no event too small or large.  Our normal large outside museum exhibit is housed in a U.S. Army, G.P. medium tent that is 33 feet long by 14 feet wide.  The tent was made in 1968, which make our exhibits housed in an artifact form the Vietnam War.

In 2013, Historic Military Impressions was named the Home-Based Business Champion for Wisconsin and the Midwest Region.  This award was presented to Carl A. Bogar, Jr., our founder, by the United States Small Business Administration, (U.S.  S.B.A.)

  •  Mission:

To Honor the Past by Educating the Future.

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What we did yesterday will not be good enough for what we will be doing tomorrow.

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Historic Military Impressions is located in Kenosha, WI.  The farthest we have traveled to provide a service is 800 miles to conduct one of our traveling museum programs. Historic Military Impressions is willing to travel anywhere within the 48 connected states if we have good notice. We would like to one day have the ability to have done a museum program  in all of the 48 connected states. 

For us it comes down to the 7 P’s, (Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance), it is not about distance, it is about can we provide the quality that we expect to provide at you event.

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Carl A. Bogar, JR, founded Historic Military Impressions in 2000. Carl started collecting military artifacts in 1974, at the age of five. His first items were given to him by his grandfather, Howard Johnson who served in World War Two in the United States Army.  Today the collection is now over 38,000 historic items, with 27% donated by veterans or the family of a veteran. 

Here is a short list of people who have helped us with a donations:

Donations List

Our collection now allow us to provide museum quality programs from Rome to modern.  

  •  Goal:

Our goal is to establish a permanent home for the collection in the local Kenosha, WI area. The center will focus on teaching young Americans about their proud military history and how we can use that history to project and better our future.

In November 2021, we purchased the property that we began renting in 2015.  This gave us a 4,200 Sq Ft. Facility for classes, exhibits and other public activities.  We are now undergoing renovations of our property to meet our needs.  If you have seen our exhibit, been to one of our classed or programs and like to what we are doing and want to support our activities the button below will take you to a secure Square page to help.  Thank you!